Stop FIGHTING with Feng Shui

QUESTION:  I have a toilet and a small storage room in the southwest area in my house, what can I do to stop fighting with my husband as SW is love area of the Ba-gua.

ANSWER:  There are several approaches to Western Feng Shui. The SW area of your home is the “love and partnership area” ONLY IF you are using FIXED Ba-Gua Feng Shui, as this school uses fixed directions associated with each aspect of the Ba-Gua.

When it comes to Western Feng Shui, I prefer to use what I refer to as a “floating or moving” Ba-Gua vs. “fixed,” as CHI is constantly in motion; it is never static. With this approach, the Ba-Gua is placed over your floor plan based on the main entrance door to your property.  Thus, the SOUTHWEST quadrant or area of your house may fall into an entirely different Gua, not necessarily into the PARTNERSHIP AND MARRIAGE area at all..!

Nonetheless, no matter which school you elect to use, the PARTNERSHIP Gua area of your home or office should be kept “clean, clutter free and beautiful” and it should exude PEACE, HARMONY, AND GRACE so that you, too, begin to reflect the same internal energy.


This ancient art and science is designed to support different aspects of our lives. However, Feng Shui does not exclude the “personal work” each and everyone of us must do on ourselves – to achieve self-love and contentment in life.

This said, to stop “arguing and fighting” I suggest that you try to visualize your partner as a KIND, INNOCENT, and LOVING human being. Try to also see yourself in the same light as well.

Once you STOP participating in “power struggles” and/or remove yourself from negative people, places, and things – the ENERGY in your “internal and external environment” will start to shift and embrace you in blessed and bountiful ways.





Suzee Miller
Feng Shui Author. Educator. Consultant

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