The CAREER GUA in Feng Shui

Above is an example of an impeccable and beautiful CAREER Gua, in a tract neighborhood. This is proof that a property does not need to be worth millions of dollars to attract career opportunities and blessings.

The photo above was submitted to us by graduate student and Feng Shui CERTIFIED REALTOR, Joann Visaretis.

Joann is dedicated to the art and science of Feng Shui.  Today, she personally oversees the Feng Shui of the “interior and exterior” environments BEFORE placing her listings into MLS. (Multiple Listing Service).

Joann is a TOP PRODUCER – an extremely successful real estate agent.

Likewise, Joann attributes her success to her acquired Feng Shui skill and knowledge. From her course studies, she was amazed to learn that “staging” a property is VERY DIFFERENT from the Feng Shui of a property, and that the latter is the most powerful and effective way to market and sell real estate.

In addition, Joann said that she has experienced friendlier clients, easier transactions, and an increase in referral business since using Feng Shui.

“I am grateful every day to Feng Shui in real estate.  I’ve read several books on the subject, but nothing comes close to what I’ve learned from Suzee’s certification. Her expertise in real estate and business sets her program apart from any book, website or course on the subject. I have sincerely learned to work smarter and faster with Feng Shui, while making more money than I could possibly have imagined!!”

Joann Visaretis
Feng Shui Certified REALTOR
C-21 Leading Edge Realty

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