Bedroom MIRRORS in Feng Shui

QUESTION:  Is a mirror on the side wall next to our bed okay? My husband wants it there but I’m afraid it’s bad Feng Shui.

ANSWER:  The placement of a mirror on a side wall should not cause you harm unless it is close to the head region of your body.  However, a mirror behind, above and/or in front of your bed is NOT GOOD Feng Shui, and can wreak havoc with your health.

If you are spending sleepless nights, a mirror could be the cause of it. A mirror reflects and bounces energy off of it. When this happens, energy becomes SHA (chaotic) and your body cannot rest.  Instead, the mind becomes active,  preventing a good night’s sleep.

The best placement for a mirror in a bedroom is behind a closet door.

If you have mirrored wardrobe closet doors in your bedroom that cannot be removed or replaced, then I recommend a couple things:

  1. Cover the mirrors with a shade or drape at night
  2. Open “one” of the mirrored paneled doors closest to your head when you sleep
  3. Open the closet door that reflects (the majority of) your body in the mirror

Did you know that here is a Chinese belief that a mirror that reflects a bed  – invites a third party into your life?


Another good reason to remedy mirrors in your bedroom,


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