AUTUMN in Feng Shui

The period of transition between Summer and Winter came to be known as the “harvest.”


According to Christina De Rossi, an anthropologist, “Autumn, or fall, is rich with different festivals which mainly celebrate the return of light, harvest, and, like spring, rebirth through death.”

Here are a few Fall festivals:

  • The Jewish festival of Sukkot is a seven-day harvest holiday that arrives during the Hebrew month of Tishrei.
  • Halloween straddles between Fall and Winter, plenty and paucity, life and death; it is a time of celebration and superstition.
  • On the following day, Christians, especially Catholics, celebrate All Hallows Day, or All Saints’ Day, when people visit their departed and bring flowers to their graves.
  • In Mexico, people celebrate their ancestors during the Day of the Dead on Nov. 2.
  • Oktoberfest – the German fall festival celebrates everyone’s favorite things: celebrates: food, beer, and merrymaking. Oktoberfest is the largest festival in the world.


From a Feng Shui perspective –

Harvest celebrations tend to combine giving thanks with prayers for future ABUNDANCE.

Autumn is the time of the year to prune shrubs and trees, as it encourages new growth in the Spring.  By doing so, it also promises to bring new Chi – ENERGY – to your life and creative endeavors.

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