In Classical/Traditional Feng Shui, timing and direction play an important role in helping you attract money “luck.” Based on the last digit of your birth year, there is a specific direction where you can store (save) money in your house. For accuracy, you will need to use a compass to determine the area as it needs to be within 15 degrees to spot. By placing a jar of spare change or an object of wealth in this area, the Chinese believe your “cosmic” money account will multiply. It’s certainly worth a try!

Last Digit Luck Direction

0: 233-247 SW

1: 263-277 W

2: 323-335 NW

3: 353-7 N

4: 53-67 NE

5: 83-97 E

6: 143-157 SE

7: 173-187 S

8: 143-157 SE

9: 173-187 S

*Note: If you were born Jan 1 thru Feb 3, use the prior year to calculate your Lucky Money Spot

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