After a Flying Star chart has been analyzed, beneficial stars can be enhanced 100% of the time.

Ninety percent (90%) of the time, “harmful stars” can be mitigated or remedied with the proper use of the five elements.

Besides the four different types of HOUSES or BUILDINGS in classical Feng Shui, it’s not uncommon for you to experience a one (1) year lock on PEOPLE or MONEY, as well.

Also, some homes and buildings through January 2023 are currently in a TWENTY year lock on either people or money!  People living and/or working in these types of homes and offices, can suffer tremendously – until the lock is remedied.

Everything related to LO SHU FLYING STARS is derived from a building’s year of construction, and the “exact degrees” of its sitting and facing directions.  Without a doubt, this school of Feng Shui is the most sophisticated and scientific of them all.

Like the INVISBILE energy of “electricity, gravity, and wind,” the UNSEEN energy of the 9 LO SHU STARS is POWERFUL and PERVASIVE.

No matter how much WESTERN Feng Shui you do, if the “invisible” ENERGY of your environment is out of balance – the bottom line IS .. YOU ARE TOO..!

Next week I will share with you some client and customer questions and answers on Lo Shu Flying Stars Feng Shui.



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