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Because it’s important to me, for you to understand WHY ‘general’ remedies and enhancements for the INVISIBLE energy (STARS) of your home and office – during periods of chaotic energy -are not beneficial to you.

The 9 stars of LO SHU FLYING STARS (Xuan Kong) represent nine types of subtle and abstract influences that affect our lives.

Just like other stars in our Solar System, these NINE STARS influence cycles through time, and their impact is directional.

Using an ancient mathematical Chinese formula…

When a chart is drawn for a property, depending on the “main” Flying Star at the time (based on 20 year cycles), the other “8” Stars are arranged by cardinal and intermediate directions throughout your home or office.

In “classical” Feng Shui, these eight stars are classified into two groups known as MOUNTAIN STARS and WATER STARS.

There are four kinds of properties derived from the allocations of these STARS.

  1. Houses that support PEOPLE
  2. Houses that support MONEY
  3. Houses that do not support PEOPLE OR MONEY
  4. Good fortune houses that support both PEOPLE AND MONEY


More on this in my next Feng Shui TIP..!

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