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Last week I gave you a brief overview of what you can expect in a “Lunar” EARTH DOG year, based on Chinese ASTROLOGY.

When we start to layer-in SOLAR ENERGY, which is what the study of “classical” Feng Shui is about, more pieces of the puzzle reveal themselves.


The “9” STAR, which occupies the HEART of every home in 2018, is typically a wonderful star.  It’s the star of HAPPINESS and CELEBRATION. Part of the beauty of this star is that it “enhances or magnifies” the energy of other stars located with it.


If you have HIGH ENERGY stars located in the heart of your home (which is based on the year of its construction and the sitting/facing degrees of its compass reading), you will be blessed with AMAZING HAPPINESS AND GOOD FORTUNE, irrespective of what happens locally or globally this year.

Conversely, if you have problematic or chaotic energy (stars) located in the center gua of your home, the 9 STAR is going to magnify this energy 10 fold, as well.

Because of this phenomenon, 2018 will be the first year in 20 years that I will not be doing a FENG SHUI FORECAST.

There are several reasons for this decision:

  1. If you ordered my FORECAST for 2017, then you know it was was 100% accurate; however, there was no way to tell that the predictions I made would be so severe or far reaching.
  2. Given this, in my opinion, GENERAL remedies and enhancements for your home and office are no longer “strong enough” to combat shifting energies on the planet, let alone those in a 9 STAR year. If you are like most of our clients,’ you probably started experiencing shifts in energy and changes in your life as early as September or October of last year.
  3. Without knowing the energy (the specific stars) located in the “heart” of your HOME in a 9 STAR year – providing you with “general or generic” remedies and enhancements could be EXTREMELY detrimental to your health, safety, relationships, and/or finances.
  4. I would not be able to sleep nights – taking this risk.

Suffice to say, this will be another year filled trauma, drama, and wild swings in energy. As such, EARTH energy will become more turbulent and chaotic, too.

If you are experiencing anger, heartache, major life challenges and/or feel like you are in survival mode, I recommend investing in yourself, by scheduling a ONE-ON-ONE Feng Shui Consultation for your HOME.

Besides myself, we have 2 other gifted Feng Shui consultants – with knowledge and expertise in INTEGRATIVE Feng Shui – to help you achieve HEALTH, BALANCE, PROTECTION, and ABUNDANCE in 2018.

If you click here, I will be happy to personally contact you – to determine which Feng Shui CERTIFIED professional is best qualified, to help you “remedy and enhance” your home and/or office.


2018 is a sink, or swim year.   

When in deep water, I recommend diving into Feng Shui.



Suzee Miller
Feng Shui Author. Educator. Consultant

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