QUESTION:  My house was built in period 7 and it faces South 1. The natal flying stars show that the water star number 8 falls in the NE. I would like to know if it is safe to place a water fountain in my garden in the NE area for prosperity?

ANSWER:  Flying Stars Feng Shui deals with the UNSEEN energy “inside” an environment, only! However, there are directional areas outside on an “annual” basis too, where the EARTH should not be disturbed.

QUESTION:  I am an east person and my house is west, therefore my good personal directions are opposite to the good locations in my house. Can I not increase the Feng Shui in the good house locations to benefit me if my direction is opposite?

ANSWER:  Unfortunately, there is no “simple” answer to your question.  A lot depends on the STARS located at the heart of your house, those in your bedroom, and the ones at your main entrance door.

Also, along with your Feng Shui element, Form School Feng Shui which governs the shapes of lots, locations, house footprints, floor plans and rooms – must be evaluated too.

For Example:

I have EAST group clients’ living in West group houses as well as WEST group people living in East group houses who are doing “exceptionally” well in life – due to some, if not all the factors mentioned above. So, I wouldn’t move-out before having a Feng Shui professional review your property.

QUESTION:  We added onto our home about 3 years ago. Since we added on, our finances have gone downhill in a big way. I am very new to this and any advice would be much appreciated.

ANSWER:  I cannot comment on your “addition” without reviewing the footprint of you house. However, if it created a “missing corner,” it can wreak havoc with your finances. Likewise, the LO SHU STARS for the existing structure and the addition may indicate “problematic energy” at the HEART and/or a lock on the property. Only an accurate compass reading and the construction years of the original structure and the add-on structure, can determine this and/or conclude how to remedy the problem.



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