Feng Shui and SMOOTHIES..!

Your HEALTH matters. 



We all know friends, family, neighbors, and co-workers who have suffered major catastrophic health challenges and diseases in the last 12 months.  HEALTH is the single most important consideration, for all of us, in 2018.

As the energy on the planet continues to shift and swing, we must empower our-selves to take charge of our bodies.

Ask anyone who is sick, or who has lost a loved one and they will tell you – no amount of money, cars and/or homes can bring you happiness, joy and peace of mind without.. HEALTH.

Smoothies are congruent with Feng Shui.  I’ve been doing them for years, and I can attest that – they work miracles.  Here are a few of the benefits of SMOOTHIES, along with ‘good’ Feng Shui:


  • Natural – way to get nutrients – vitamins and minerals
  • Health – reduces cravings for sweets and unhealthy foods
  • Digestion – helps to eliminate leaky gut and constipation
  • Weight – watch the pounds drop away
  • Detox – eliminates the man-made chemicals from your body
  • Body – builds stronger muscles and improves mental agility
  • Beauty- rejuvenates collagen -skin, hair, and nails
  • Sleep – improves a deeper night’s sleep
  • Brain – boosts mental clarity, focus, and memory
  • Energy – organic fuel ignites more INNER-CHI

Here is my formula for a healthy and tasty (breakfast) smoothie:

  1. One Fuji apple with skin
  2. One avocado
  3. One or two kiwi
  4. One handful of parsley and cilantro, each
  5. 2-3 cups of kale, spinach or arugula, or a mix of organic greens
  6. 2-3  stalks of celery (excellent for high blood pressure, not for low)
  7. One cup of frozen organic berries (Costco has them)
  8. One cup of VEGA Organic Protein & Greens with antioxidants (Costco or a health store) This is a wonderful vegetable protein powder.
  9. 1 Jalapeno pepper
  10. 2 cups water, or more to your liking

This recipe can be tweaked depending on your personal likes and dislikes. Also, everything listed above is ORGANIC.

If you prefer a sweeter smoothie, you can add a couple dates.  The recipe makes 4-6 glasses of GREEN energy that can nourish 2-4 people.  OR, you can refrigerate whatever is left over. I usually drink two full glasses a day.

Over the years, I have found Vitamix to be the best blender to achieve a smooth, milkshake like smoothie.

If you have food allergies or are taking a lot of medication, please consult with your physician before making and drinking a smoothie.

Taking charge of your own personal health and well-being is EMPOWERING.


In Health,

Suzee Miller
Feng Shui Author. Educator. Consultant


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