A HOT Feng Shui MONEY Tip for the New Year..!

Every January I buy a new wallet. 

When was the last time you bought one? 

To the Chinese, a “new” wallet brings NEW wealth luck, happiness, and more money into your life. So, if you are looking to attract more wealth and luck in your life (who isn’t?:), a new wallet has the capacity to kick start the LAW OF MONEY ATTRACTION in your life. Did you know that a THIN wallet is known as a “wealthy purse”..? 

Thick wallets, full of stuff, are a sign of poverty consciousness. Just like your home – it’s important to SPACE CLEAR your wallet a couple times a year, to make room for – “more” MONEY.

Thus, your wallet has the capacity to either bring you LUCK and GOOD FORTUNE, or keep you stuck in scarcity consciousness – limited cash flow.

Which will it BE for you this year..?

If you have the desire to increase your MONEY LUCK, don’t worry about the color of the wallet you purchase, instead focus on buying a THIN one instead.

Make sure to keep your dollar bills organized and frontfacing too. 

This will help you come from…


Suzee Miller

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