WHAT are Feng Shui Periods..?

  • Period 1 – 4th  February 1864 – 3rd February 1884
  • Period 2 –  4th  February 1884 – 3rd February 1904
  • Period 3 – 4th  February 1904 – 3rd February 1924
  • Period 4 – 4th  February 1924 – 3rd February 1944
  • Period 5 – 4th  February 1944 – 3rd February 1964
  • Period 6 – 4th  February 1964 – 3rd February 1984
  • Period 7 – 4th  February 1984 – 3rd February 2004
  • Period 8 – 4th  February 2004 – 3rd February 2024
  • Period 9 – 4th  February 2024 – 3rd February 2044
  • Period 1 – 4th  February 2044 – 3rd February 2064

Above is a chart showing the starting and ending dates for different Feng Shui periods.  They are often referred to as 20 year “construction” periods.

Each period represents a different aspect of life – or “theme” of life. If you scroll down to read some of my recent BLOG posts, you will see which element rules the NINE period of Feng Shui. Most of us were not around prior to the 20 year Feng Shui period – #4. Just a few lucky Octogenarians have experienced the “energy” of period #3.
I am extremely blessed.  My mother will turn 100 years old on the first day of Spring! EmojiEmojiEmoji

She will have experienced periods #3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and, hopefully, a few years of Feng Shui period number NINE before departing the Earth plane.
Interestingly enough, mom and dad (who lived 98 years of life) and who were married 77 years (!!!), always lived a minimalistic lifestyle. Their home exuded grace, beauty, and balance. A home without any clutter, and always – a home full of freshness and the FIVE elements in harmony and balance.  Perhaps this is why I manifested Feng Shui into my life, and why I KNOW the POWER of this ancient art and science…works!


Feng Shui to ensure a HEALTHY, BALANCED, BEAUTIFUL, and BLESSED life. Years, literally years filled with JOY, INNER PEACE, LOVE, PROSPERITY, GRACE, and GRATITUDE are all possible – when utilizing the art and science of Feng Shui.

On February 4 of 2024, we enter the Feng Shui period number NINE.  Many of us will live to see most of this period, while others will not. Likewise, many of today’s children and grandchildren will go on to experience several more 20 year periods of Feng Shui.EmojiEmojiEmoji

In the coming weeks, I will return to share more about this NEW 20 YEAR CONSTRUCTION PERIOD of Feng Shui.

Until then…I wish You the MORE of all there IS,

Suzee Miller


with Feng Shui


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