Chinese Astrology vs. Feng Shui in 2024

The Chinese LUNAR New Year, which is called the ‘Spring Festival’, falls on February 10th this year. 

This is the New Year that is celebrated by Chinese people, as well as by several other Asian countries and cultures around the world.

According to Chinese Astrology, 2024 is the Year of the WOOD DRAGON.


Regarding Feng Shui ...

Unlike the Chinese Lunar New Year, the Chinese SOLAR New Year, which governs Feng Shui, falls on February 4th this year. Feng Shui uses the solar system to determine when, where, and how the placement of STARS in the universe will affect your home environment, and life.

It is important to know that the Feng Shui New Year is NOT celebrated at all..!

The Feng Shui New Year is used, strictly, to determine which remedies, enhancements, and placements need to be made in your home and/or workplace – to keep you and your loved ones in harmony, health, and balance. It so happens that February 4th is also a PIVOTAL Point in Feng Shui this year.  It is the first day of a “new” 20-year Feng Shui period called LI. 
Li is ruled by the star “9.”  The NINE STAR is an extremely POWERFUL star. This star affects us in both GOOD and BAD ways.  Thus, this is an important year to “update” the NINE GUA areas (or sectors) of your home, so that POSITIVE CHI can support your vision, dreams, and goals with .. grace and ease.

If you are asking yourself how does this work, here is the answer:

This school is about the “math and science” of Feng Shui. It’s a very sophisticated school that calculates the INVISIBLE ENERGY locked in your home at the time of construction. It also determines how CHI (energy) in the Universe changes and flows differently…from year to year. The arrangement and combination of stars in your home is “uniquely different” than other people’s homes.  The unseen energy is determined by using a Chinese math formula called LO SHU FLYING STARS. This ancient school of Feng Shui is “empowering” in divine, breathtaking, and liberating ways.

For example:

YOU WOULDN’T BUILD A HOUSE WITHOUT A FOUNDATION and expect to feel peaceful, safe, secure, and supported. 


Well, the same applies to LO SHU FLYING STARS Feng Shui. It sets the “foundation” for infinite opportunities, blessings, and good fortune to flow naturally .. to all occupants of a home.


Not many Feng Shui consultants know or use this school, of Feng Shui as it requires many years of study and practice. It also requires your home’s year of construction, the facing and sitting degrees on a compass reading of your home, the DOBs of all the occupants, along with other important factors. For information on LO SHU FLYING STARS Feng Shui and how it can benefit the occupants of your home, life, and career, feel free to drop me a line at:
or, in North America, at: 949.274.0440


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