Is this “Good or Bad” ..  BEDROOM Feng Shui..?

I would rate the Feng Shui décor of this bedroom a “C” minus..!

There are a few positives that do deserve mentioning. One, the room is clean and minamalistic in appearance. Two, it appears fresh and serene.  All of which are important aspects of (good) bedroom Feng Shui.

The Feng Shui negatives are:

    • The bedroom is OVER DOMINANT in the wood element.
    • The room décor is off balance. 
    • The carpet arrangement, although stylish, is not functional. It also creates “more” visual imbalance.
    • The furnishing to the right of the bed are not only bizarre in nature, but also dangerous and non-functional.
    • There is no EQUALITY in this bedroom.  The person on the right dominants the relationship.
    • There is only one lamp for lighting.
    • The furnishings are tight – too close to the bed.
    • The five elements are out of balance.
    • The FIRE AND WATER elements are missing altogether.
    • The absense of artwork leaves too much blank space.
    • It’s unhealthy to have a beadspread drag on the floor.
    • Energetically speaking, the bedroom is too YANG.

Did you come up with some of the same Feng Shui negatives?

If so, good for you.

The above is a perfect example of where interior decorating and Feng Shui decorating .. part paths.


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