At the HEART of Feng Shui

In regards to LO SHU FLYING STARS Feng Shui, the heart or center of a home/office/building -conveys  its personality, character, and qualities.

Most Feng Shui masters do not remedy or enhance the heart of a building, as they do not consider it to be .. “live” energy.

I disagree with this concept and approach entirely. 

How can EIGHT sectors or gua areas of a building/structure be alive and the “9th one not..?

My clients have enjoyed EXTRAORDINARY SUCCESS by purchasing properties with “good” hearts and/or by remedying those that are not, when possible.


“I’ve been working with Suzee since 2004 (16 years) for all my houses and offices.  I’ve had many issues before we worked with Suzee with family and business but after we got help with Suzee, we have happy family with 3 kids.

My business has soared to over $40 million/year and still growing and I have started other businesses that I’m working to grow.

Suzee’s approach with combination of Western and Eastern Feng Shui enhancement and remedy works best in my opinion.  I never consider buying any properties without consulting with Suzee first.

I have referred many of my friends and family members and they are all having successful and peaceful life!”

Jay Kim
South Korea and USA


Without knowing the “underlying energy” (or the UNSEEN ENERGY) that occupies the heart of your home or office, it is in my opinion, today, too dangerous to give you  “general or generic” remedies and enhancements.

YES.  Three years ago it was possible for me to provide you with this information for your home, annually.  Today, with the endless and chaotic shifts in solar energy, it is no longer safe to do so.

In my 2020 FENG SHUI FORECAST I provide you with information on what’s happening in the universe, and why it is important for you to embrace CHANGE this year.  I also provide you with “directional” areas within your home and/or office that are LUCKY in 2020, and those that should be avoided as much as possible. 

It’s never too late to enhance your LUCK.

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NOTE:  As stated above, I do not provide you with specific remedies and/or enhancements for your home. For that you will want to consult with a Feng Shui practitioner in your area, or with us – onsite, or by phone.   (refer to the consultation link below).

What I do provide you with in my Feng Shui Forecast  – is information that can help you take OWNERSHIP of your health, life, and career.


Of course, the ultimate decision to grow and change – is yours,
Suzee Miller

Feng Shui FORECAST 2020

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