Are you feeling healthy, or are you stressed and out of balance..?

In traditional Chinese medicine, YIN earth represents the stomach and pancreas.

Health problems with the abdomen region of the body, from under the breast bone to the genitals, began last year for a lot of people on the planet. The imbalance of the earth element this year affects the organs of this region again – with a strong influence on the stomach, intestines, and digestive system.

As such, balancing your blood sugar may become an issue for you. Insulin is related to the earth element- the pancreas. Thus, diabetes could be on the rise in 2019.  This is a wake-up call for all of us. A reminder to cut back on sugar, alcohol, and on foods that convert to sugar in the blood stream.

Other health issues are related to the bones of the body.  Most likely, this means an increase in arthritis and rheumatism too. 

Because the PIG is a water element, an increase in bladder, blood, blood pressure, circulation, and heart issues are also possible. Likewise, genitalia and sex related problems and diseases are related to the conflict that exists between the elements – water and earth- in this YIN EARTH PIG year.

DEPRESSION HITS EVERY HOME AND FAMILY AT ONE TIME OR ANOTHER, this year is no exception.  To help mitigate low energy blues, daily exercise, vitamin and mineral supplements, and a predominantly vegetarian/organic diet will help.

If you or a loved one has or is experiencing major illness, disease, and/or cancer, please consider exploring alternative healing modalities. My favorite one is the Gerson Program– check it out on Google.

Feng Shui is also a healing modality.

The first of the year is an excellent time to treat yourself to a professional Feng Shui consultation, to help you remedy and enhance THE UNSEEN energy, LO SHU- of your home, that may be wreaking havoc with your health.

Feng Shui is an ancient art and science. When implemented correctly, it creates a harmonically balanced environment that supports the body, mind, and spirit.


To Your HEALTH and WELL BEING Always,
Suzee Miller



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