Feng Shui and the ECONOMY in 2019

From a Feng Shui perspective, here are PROSPEROUS and not so prosperous industries in a YIN EARTH PIG Year:

WOOD    Should be prosperous.
                 Industries like furniture, fashion, media, paper, education,
                 books, and environmental businesses.
                 Plants, flowers, nurseries and any product/business
                 related to wood should do well.

EARTH     Should be prosperous.
                  Industries such as property, mining, insurance, computer software,
                  high tech, and any business/product related to earth should fare well.
                  Real estate sales will be active, but most likely not at the same highs or pace
                  of the last 5 years.

FIRE         Active and productive, but competition will probably be stiff.
                 Industries such as energy, finance, and entertainment businesses will be
                         active, but the competition will be tough, and profits most likely lower.

WATER   Not so prosperous.
                Water industries will have strong competition in an EARTH PIG year.
                These are industries such as shipping, communication, transportation and
                businesses related or dependent on the water industry.

METAL   Challenged and not so prosperous.
                This includes the auto industry, banking, machinery and any business
                dependent on metal. These industries are active but financially,
                profits will be weak -unless, they are industries and businesses related to war.


The fire element was the driving force in the stock market BOOM from 2013 thru 2017. In my opinion, we should NEVER have seen new stock market highs in 2018 while the fire element started to exit.  Whether it was manipulation or elation that drove the market up last year – I will continue to stick my head out on a limb and say – INVESTORS, BEWARE.

Fire isn’t present this year, not enough, to keep the market up. FIRE represents optimism and it’s waning, while the pessimism of WATER moves in.  Nonetheless, please trust your intuition, not mine – when it comes to investing in stocks this year!

On a positive note, A PIG YEAR brings opportunity and blessings to people who are Healthy, Happy, and in Balance.  Thus, it’s our responsibility to become magnets of good fortune, no matter WHAT IS or ISN’T HAPPENING in the economy, or in the world at large.


What better way to achieve this than with Feng Shui..?!


Suzee Miller



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