Feng Shui SUCCESS in Real Estate..!

Feng Shui SUCCESS in Real Estate

“Hi Suzee,

I grew up Chinese so I have heard/seen a lot of Feng Shui masters but they are nothing like you. You are so kind and so caring and you have now become my life coach. I feel so much more supported this way because I can consult with you on any major life decisions and know that you will guide me accordingly. I never want to navigate life blindly again because that’s just so much more stress that way!

As for how fast Feng Shui worked for me, I got two listings the first week after my office consultation. That was just amazing! I am seeing referrals come more easily, clients are easier to work with and I put my intentions out there to everything my clients want and they almost always reach their goals. Feng Shui has been a true blessing for me as well as my family and clients. It’s just absolutely AMAZING!

I took two listings already this week (one at $2.2M) and probably a third one before the week is over. You are right about I don’t have to repeat myself so many times before people will trust me.  I am seeing that over and over again. I am getting more seller leads everywhere, they come to me so much more readily now. THANK YOU!

Last year I did 20 deals total, and I am on track to do 10+ just in Q1 this year. At this pace, my business will at least double this year!

My head is spinning but I am happy. Best of all, my girls LOVE their new home. It makes me happy to see my girls happy! Also, I just started your certification certification for real estate and LOVE IT.

Thank you so much Suzee!”


Grace Tsang
Feng Shui CERT Member
Intero Real Estate
San Jose, California

P.S. I just went out on a 3.5MIL listing today; my sales are MUCH HIGHER priced now too!!


“Dear Suzee,

When I contacted you, I couldn’t get an offer accepted and I was almost listless. I cannot tell you how much I appreciate you. My business in less than 1 week has done a 180.  Offers accepted, double ended my $2M listing I took, in just 4 days.  We immediately moved Jace’s bed the night of our consultation.  He’s sleeping well and is finally my Jace again.  My family is laughing at the water everywhere, my furniture placement, my request for all the red flowers and candles.  But no one is complaining because it’s just feeling right.  I just did my nightly prayers and gratitude and started crying.  My heart is so happy right now. I cannot begin to tell you how grateful I am.  Thank you, truly ?”

Christine McNaught
Feng Shui Certified REALTOR
Windermere Prestige Properties
Henderson, Nevada


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