SHENG CHI and The Five Senses

SHENG CHI and The Five Senses

 Sheng Chi (Qi) is POSITIVE ENERGY…!

Positive CHI and the FIVE SENSES is anything that supports, thrills, and nourishes your well-being.

Here are a few examples of SHENG CHI and the FIVE SENSES in Feng Shui:

SHENG CHI-SIGHT:  Beautiful landscape and gardens, fountains, water falls, colorful flowers, fresh interior and exterior paint, clean, neat, balanced furnishings, and attractive artwork.

SHENG CHI-SOUND: Soothing music, fountains, and water walls, babies cooing, birds chirping, wind chimes, friendly and happy people talking and laughing.

SHENG CHI-TOUCH: Hugs, kisses, a massage, high thread count linen, soft throws, plush towels, a warm bath, smooth surfaces, and pets.

SHENG CHI-SMELL: Fresh flowers, comfort food, scented candles, essential oils, cremes, perfume, clean clothes, and pleasant fragrances.

SHENG CHI-TASTE: Your favorite foods, chocolate, coffee, wine, spices and seasoning that please your palate.


Anything that you find satisfying is POSITIVE CHI to your FIVE SENSES.


While you may find classical music soothing, another person might disagree. Just as someone may find the touch, smell, taste, and sight of a (good) cigar a total delight, you may find it distasteful and offensive.

Also, people living in big cities like New York love the auditory sounds, smells, and intensity of a city lifestyle, while you may prefer the suburbs or the peace and quiet of country living.

Thus, SHENG CHI is anything conducive to your lifestyle and FIVE SENSES.


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