Feng Shui Q and A..!

Feng Shui Q and A..!

QUESTION: My backyard is a triangle shape, narrow in the back and very wide in the front. I was told not to put up a fence, but my neighbors on both sides are putting fences up. What should I do?

ANSWER: Feng Shui is an Earth art and science. Thus, a lot shaped like this typically means you have the ability to pull money into your life, but not necessarily the ability to keep or grow it. Also, relationships can be difficult with this lot configuration, as it is missing a large section of “Partnership and Marriage.”

Thus, I agree with what you were told. I would not enclose your lot with a fence. You do not want to define it more.  Instead, I suggest adding an object of MOTION in each corner of your lot, to expand and move the CHI.

I would also write out (on paper) and bury an AFFIRMATION / INTENTION in each corner of your lot – to help set your mind free.


Because in my opinion, as a human being, you are more POWERFUL than the worst Feng Shui..!


To your infinite BEINGNESS,

Suzee Miller
Feng Shui Author. Consultant. Educator

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