OFFICE Feng Shui..!

OFFICE Feng Shui..!

QUESTION: I work in a 2-person office. Although we each have our own small space, the other person is very negative. I keep my desk uncluttered and bright – his space is full of junk and there’s no window, so it’s not so bright. My question is how can I keep his negativity away from me? I feel it is affecting my ability to make money.

ANSWER: Your peace of mind and state of well-being is “very” important. In fact, it is the very essence of good Feng Shui. Therefore, I would not hesitate to move your office location away from his. It takes a lot of energy – YOURS – to overcome “constant” negativity and visual chaos, and YES – it can influence your ability to make and keep money too.

Work SMART, not hard with Feng Shui,

Suzee Miller
Author. Educator. Consultant

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