The Number FOUR in Feng Shui

The Number FOUR in Feng Shui

Numbers in an address do not determine good or bad Feng Shui.

Numerology is its own separate predictive art and modality.

The number four is a perfect example where Feng Shui gets mixed up with Chinese superstition.

The number “4” sounds like the word death in Chinese, thus many Asians will not buy property with a 4 in the address.

Due to the huge influx of Chinese and Asian (home) buyers in the last three decades, smart builders in the U.S. no longer have a PLAN or MODEL 4 or a LOT number 4 in their real estate developments.

Likewise, many Westerners and people of other cultures won’t buy a home with a 13 in the address.  Ironically, 13 equals a 4 when brought down to a single digit ( 1 + 3 = 4 ), so most Asians won’t buy a property that is a 13 either.

Neither number is good or bad; however, if you believe it is – IT IS. 

The human psyche is powerful.  So, if the number 4 or 13 leaves doubt or fear lingering in your mind – it’s best to PASS on these numbers when purchasing property or while gambling in Las Vegas..!



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