Feng Shui PREDICTIONS for OCT 2023..!

Wow. September’s energy shifts were wicked and wild. I hope you got through

the month without too much difficulty, heartache, and stress. 🙏

The good news IS… October promises easier and better times ahead! The month leans more toward the LUCKY side of things in life. 👇❤🙏

PEACH BLOSSOM – “Love and romance” are at the center of every home this month!

So, make sure to keep your heart open to the magic of LOVE.

When it comes to love, logic is its kiss of death. So, get out of your head and into your heart

and allow yourself to bond emotionally and physically with someone special in your life,

and take your relationship to the next level of happiness and success.

BTW.  October is a great baby-making month too! Emoji

The SE, SW, E, and Center areas have GOOD LUCK energy – so make sure to spend time in these areas of your home (or office)  if you want to ignite your business, finances, and opportunities for success.

The NE Gua – brings something important in your life to completion. A completion that leads to blessings and good fortune.
The South sector of your home is full of “more” romance and love energy too, and victory exists in the NW Gua area too.
You will want to avoid spending too much time in the North and West areas of your home this month.

To remedy them –  Add METAL in the North, and the FIRE element in the West.

Aside from this – you should have a peaceful, loving, and exciting month.

Don’t waste a minute…

Throw caution to the wind and ENJOY your life..!

Suzee Miller

Feng Shui Author. Educator. Consultant Emoji

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