SOCIAL Fitness with Feng Shui

Research shows:

“By far the biggest medical surprise of the past decade has been the extraordinary number of studies showing that the single biggest predictor of your psychological and physical health and wellbeing is simply the number and quality of close friendships you have.”

Here are a few Feng Shui Tips for creating rewarding friendships:

First, pump up the “color” in the FRIENDLY RELATIONS gua area of your land to attract Happy and Healthy relations..!

In addition, it’s important in Feng Shui to:

  • Call and let friends know when you think of them 
  • Tell your partner one thing you appreciate about them each day
  • Reach out to an old friend to catch up
  • Plan a dinner or a group gathering with your friends
  • Invite your neighbors over for brunch or a barbeque
  • Be the first to offer help to a friend or neighbor in need
  • Come from – an ABUNDANCE of love and good cheer

This allows the Universe to step in and bless you with more friends and healthier relations. 

Suzee Miller

with Feng Shui

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