FENG SHUI in the year 2022

FENG SHUI in the year 2022What does it take to live with HOPE and INSPIRATION amid .. epic size natural disasters, a pandemic, war, terrorism, scandal, nuclear proliferation, political revolution, the awareness of global pain, and information overload ..?    

I believe Feng Shui remains our greatest GIFT to achieving infinite opportunities, blessings, and good fortune
 .. in the midst of chaos and a future of unknowns.

2022 is the year of the WATER TIGER
It is symbolized by two elements.  Yang Water sitting on top of Wood.It’s important in Feng Shui to look for the relocation of “good and bad” stars, annually.At the heart of every home, office, and building this year is .. the 5 STAR.The chaotic and destructive energy of the FIVE Star symbolizes trauma, drama, obstacles, and misfortune.  Especially those caused by earth disasters, accidents and injuries by metal objects (i.e. cars, knives, guns), along with water leaks, floods, and disasters .. inside and outside your home.  Health issues will remain at the forefront of misfortune this year as well.Here is the location of the other “bad luck” stars (Gua areas) to avoid this year:
Southwest: Illness Star #2West: Robbery and Violence Star #7East: Quarrelsome and Sickness Star #3
Below are the GOOD LUCK sectors (Gua areas) that you should enhance this year to support health, wealth, love, peace, prosperity, harmony, and good communication in the household.  Below are their locations in 2022:
North: Victory Star #1Northeast: Prosperity (Money) Star #8South:  Future Prosperity Star #9Northwest: Heavenly Star #6Southeast: Literary and Peach Blossom Star #4
Due to chaotic and changing energies, this is an important year to Feng Shui and/or to update your home’s LO SHU. If you choose not to do this – be MINDFUL, and avoid spending too much time in the the 4 “bad luck” areas of your home and office.  Conversely, spend as much time as possible in the FIVE favorable areas listed above.
The year of the WATER TIGER is a year of infinite possibilities.  It’s the perfect time to “turn over a new leaf”.. make a  FRESH start – both personally and professionally. 
Of all the tigers, such as wood, fire and metal tigers, it is the WATER TIGER who can show restraint, a calm demeanor and who can adapt and do the right thing for everyone, not just themselves.  This means you can too!In 2022, the stars are aligned in your favor – WHEN .. your mind, body, spirit, and home are in peace, harmony, and balance.
Humanity is being empowered with tremendous support, intuition, and the calm to change this year.

Are you ready to start living a life filled with more JOY and BLISS?
If so, it’s time to Feng Shui again,
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