DOORS in Feng Shui

DOORS in Feng Shui


SIZE matters in more ways than one..!

The size of your entrance door is important.

It should be proportionate to your house and the doors within the house should be proportionate to the rooms inside the house.

If a door is too small, it will not allow enough GOOD energy to enter and circulate. This will diminish the opportunity for the occupants health, wealth and happiness to grow and evolve.

To remedy this situation, hang artwork higher than usual – to lift the eye of Chi.

If a door is proportionately too large, then too much Chi will enter and overwhelm the occupants. In this instance, no matter how much wealth or luck enters, the house will not be able to contain the good fortune.

To remedy this situation, place a heavy metal object near the door such as a sculpture, or hide metal plates in a pot under a plant.


DOORS MATTER in Feng Shui,


Suzee Miller
Author. Educator. Consultant

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