WORDS are ENERGY in Feng Shui

WORDS are ENERGY in Feng Shui

QUESTION:  How important is it to believe in Feng Shui versus just using it to make things pretty and more comfortable in my home?

ANSWER:  Good question!  It’s true that you can benefit from Feng Shui without believing in it. However, like most things in life, understanding the principles that govern the success of an art form or healing modality like Feng Shui allows you to enjoy richer and more “brilliant” BENEFITS.

FOR EXAMPLE: Let’s take two words that appear similar in nature but are actually different in principle… they are the words NEED and WANT.

These two words are often interchanged in conversation and speech.  However, the word “WANT” is more ENERGETIC than the word “NEED” because it implies the underlying principle of DESIRE.

Compare for yourself the ENERGY of words:

I need a new car.
I need a job.

I need a relationship.
I need to have surgery.  (Required)


I want (desire) a new car.
I want (desire) a job.

I want (desire) a relationship.
I want (desire) to have surgery?  (Elective!)


To RAISE ENERGY – CHI- even higher in your life, I recommend using the words “like and desire” instead of the word ..”want” .. when writing and stating AFFIRMATIONS AND INTENTIONS in Feng Shui Guas.


Because one of the principles of Feng Shui is that our “inner and outer” environment reflects who we are at “every” given point in time.

Thus, since the word “want” still denotes something that is “lacking” in your life – the Universe can only give you more of who you are back .. which is more “lacking back!”

This, by the way, is the number one reason why most affirmations don’t come true. It’s because they are stated and based in LACK or SCARCITY Consciousness.

Unlike the word “want,”  LIKE and DESIRE are HIGH ENERGY words that convey one’s “hopes, dreams and wishes,” that become MIRACULOUS illuminations and BRILLIANT manifestations when rooted in GOOD Feng Shui.

          WORDS ARE ENERGY  –   Make Sure To Feng Shui Them Wisely..!

 Suzee Miller

Feng Shui Author- Educator – Consultant



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