SUSTAINABLE Feng Shui Landscape

SUSTAINABLE Feng Shui Landscape

In San Diego- California, the city and county gave homeowners a rebate to remove their green lawns and replace them with drought tolerant/low watering landscape.  The funds were limited and it was offered on a first come first serve basis.

Our client Tini Nakashima got lucky and applied online as soon as the program hit the website and got a $3800 rebate to apply toward her new landscape!

The city of San Diego also provided her with a list of plants a homeowner could choose from.  After changing from green grass to drought tolerant plants, Tini’s water bill went down by 40%!  She also put in a drip system which allows her to water plants (most) anytime, because a drip systems gives out much less water than grass sprinkler heads.

Tini wrote and said:

“I redid my yard because I wanted to help with the drought situation, and also to lower my water bill.  It was a shock not to see green grass but after everything grew and filled in, I have to admit that it does look nice.

For my WEALTH Gua, I used gold/purple lantana, different varieties of lavender, purple salvia, gold/purple daisy, ice plant with purple and gold flowers, hibiscus, and snow bush.

At your request Suzee, I also created a RIVER OF WEALTH flowing towards my house using stones and rocks and placed a fountain in the wealth corner of my yard. I’ve been consulting with you for many years now, and I have to say that your Feng Shui recommendations are not only unique from year to year, but life changing too!

After redoing my wealth corner, money has flowed to me not only from my work, but from unexpected people and places too.  This year I will receive and invest more income than in any other year before!

Who would have thought that a drought tolerant sustainable landscape would bring me so much happiness and wealth.  Most people are having a terrible year, and I am having the most peaceful and abundant year of my life.   It’s absolutely amazing, as I have literally worked less and traveled more.  Not only that, I no longer worry about tomorrow – instead I live more and more in the NOW.

How can I thank you Suzee?!  I’m so very grateful for you and Feng Shui.”

Tini  Nakashima
San Diego, CA

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