Small Gardens in Feng Shui

Don’t underestimate small gardens; they can become powerful MAGNETS for blessings and good fortune.

If you live in an apartment or condominium and only have a balcony or deck – declare it your garden. Keep in mind, that one colorful flag or one pot of multi-colored flowers can BALANCE an entire patio deck or balcony.
The most important objective with a Feng Shui garden, no matter its size, is to lift the VIBRATION (CHI), and COLOR does it faster than anything.
HOWEVER, unlike a garden, be careful with color indoors.  Make sure to balance the 5 elements in equal ratios in all rooms. Too much of one or two element colors, can wreak havoc with your health, relations and/or finances..!

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Suzee Miller
Feng Shui Author. Educator. Consultant

Your environment is 100% #ENERGY; it’s either life giving or life depleting energy. #SpaceClear – CLEANSE the “unseen” energy that permeates an environment

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