Six RESOLUTIONS for your Business

Six RESOLUTIONS for your Business

Are you ready to start the year off RIGHT..?


I read a good article in “USA TODAY” about how to succeed in business and personal finance. I have summarized the article (below) for you, as I feel it is an excellent approach to doing business or improving your career this year.

What I like the most about these six (6) BUSINESS resolutions is that align in every way – with Feng Shui!


  1. SIMPLIFY.  Consider offering fewer options or products for your clients or customers to select from.  Focus on the the products, services and/or areas of your business that bring in the most money. LESS IS MORE IN BUSINESS TOO..!
  2. SAY NO.  Are some practices just habit and not profitable? If something you are doing doesn’t get you ahead, bring you joy or build a community – why do it? Take ownership of your business and learn to say NO to things that divert your time and/or costs you money without a return.
  3. TAKE A RISK.  Don’t forget it’s a ROOSTER YEAR and the energy of the year supports expansion and taking risks.  It’s time to GROW. Identify an area where a calculated risk has a good chance to generate a return in your career or business, and GO FOR IT. (I highly recommend you Feng Shui your business location first!)
  4. CHOOSE A THEME FOR 2017. According Rhonda Abrams, author of “Successful Business Plan: Secrets and Strategies,” having a theme for your year helps you focus on your goals.  Entrepreneurs are optimistic by nature, so in a world that appears to have gone mad, a good theme might be ACTIVE OPTIMISM or FOCUSED ON THE GOOD AND THE GOAL.
  5. BE KIND. There is no need to play a “zero-sum” game where for for every winner there is a loser.  Do something nice for the people who make your small business, large business and/or career a success. Thank your staff, employees, vendors and referral sources, and your family for their support.  Also, extend yourself more this year.  Use your area of expertise to help your community. ALWAYS try to make the World a better place.
  6. LIVE IN THE NOW.  Entrepreneurs and business owners tend to focus on the future and let precious moments with friends and family take a back seat. Don’t be a slave to making $$$$$$$$$. Allocate time for the people and things you love in life. From a Feng Shui perspective, A HEALTHY, HAPPY, BALANCED human-being is an “irresistible magnet” for all good things, including SUCCESS.

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Wishing You Abundant SUCCESS,

Suzee Miller
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