Overhead BEAMS in Feng Shui

Overhead BEAMS in Feng Shui

Are Beams “really” harmful to your health..?

The answer is YES.

Beams break the natural flow of CHI (energy) in a room, and create poison daggers or piercing arrows of energy downward.

Due to the “fast” downward thrust of energy, beams can be the source of headaches, migraines, vertigo, insomnia, anxiety, stress and sadly over time –  the cause of brain tumors, neurological problems, organ failure and/or alzheimers – if located over your bed or work space.

If a beam is located over the upper body (over time) it can affect the heart, lungs, neck and/or shoulder regions of the body.

If located over the middle portion of the body and legs, it can affect your spine, knees, bones, joints and feet.

HEALTH is not the only negative effect beams can have on our lives.

For example if a beam runs vertical in alignment with your bed – it can SEPARATE you from a loved one emotionally, spiritually,  mentally or physically, or in all these ways a -at the same time.

Remember, ENERGY is both visible and invisible. It is conscious and it is intelligent, and it is POWERFUL and IMPLODING when not remedied.



The adverse effects of beams are most pronounced when spending long periods of time under them.

To lessen the negative effects of a beam, there are several things you can do. You can paint a beam white so energy cannot identify it easily, hang several dangling crystals on a string or use an object like a flute to break the downward force of energy.

You can also aim a fan at the beams to move the CHI or add an overhead ceiling (even though books tell you not too:) and/or shoot light at the beams when not sleeping – to scatter the energy.

Also, bull-nosing the edges of a beam works wonders too. This allows the energy to roll gently away – rather than downward like an arrow.

I take beams very seriously as I have had many clients suffer catastrophic health and relationship problems over the years – due to beams.

Thus, the safest thing to do in my opinion to remedy a beam that you may be working or sleeping under is todrywall over it/them, or remove the beam(s) altogether – if they are just decorative in nature.

So, when we say BEAM ME UP .. let’s insure that we are just jesting!

Suzee Miller
Author. Educator. Consultant



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