Single Women ARTWORK in Feng Shui

Single Women ARTWORK in Feng Shui

Is single women artwork in your bedroom affecting your ability to find a mate?

Feng Shui is the language of symbols, colors and metaphors.

Thus if you are single and desirous of a partner in life, single women artwork would not be an appropriate placement in your bedroom.

Instead, “pairs of things” i.e.. artwork of lovers kissing, dancing, hugging – would enhance the odds ENERGETICALLY of pulling-in a partner.

However, I have found that many clients, both male and female, with single object artwork in their living environment are often times more “ambivalent” than desirous of a relationship.


If this is the case with you (or someone you know), the fourth realm of INTENTION can help you focus on what

perhaps you fear the most. –  INTIMACY …  IN TO ME SEE.


INTENTION:  I intend and declare to open my heart and home to TRUE LOVE, and an INTIMATE COMMUNION now.



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