PERCEPTION and Feng Shui..!

PERCEPTION and Feng Shui..!

QUESTION: I live in a 55+ HOA. The collective consciousness is toxic. It is beautiful but any interaction except with a few neighbors is toxic. I want to move but do not know where. Funds are dwindling. What should I do?

ANSWER:  I can appreciate your view point.  However, until you CHANGE you will not be able to enjoy life where you are living and/or be able to move forward to a new place of residence.

This is my recommendation:

On a daily basis, BLESS the people who live where you live with HEALTH, HAPPINESS and PEACE OF MIND.

We live in a HOLOGRAPHIC Universe.

Thus, when you change your ‘toxic’ perspective/attitude on the community and the people living there – you will be amazed at how many lovely people show up in your life..!

I’m sorry to be so frank, but such is the way of the INVISIBLE force of nature .. Feng Shui.

We are the homes we occupy, and we are the thoughts that occupy us.


Change the way you see things and the things you see will change,

Suzee Miller
Feng Shui Author. Consultant, Educator

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