PEACE OF MIND with Feng Shui..!

How would it feel to enjoy more Peace of Mind..?

On the invisible plane of Feng Shui, we cannot move forward in life or open new doors – PATHWAYS-  to PEACE and PROSPERITY until we “space clear” away the old.

The old can be a tragedy, a loss, a failure, our negative thoughts, fearful feelings, painful perceptions, or simply memories that bind us to the past. The old can also be material items and gifts such as furniture, mementos, or special letters, cards and/or emails that we cling to.

The “old” can be as recent as yesterday, or as ancient as decades ago.

LETTING GO can be a painful process and decision to make. Nonetheless, to live “fully expressed and happy” in the present moment, we must consciously leave behind that which no longer serves our highest good and evolution.

Letting go can also be as simple as not listening to the news before going to sleep at night. The drama, trauma and stress brought about by leadership (or the lack thereof) and by tragic events in the World today, can be “extremely disturbing” to our peace of mind.

We are not perfect human beings, but via Feng Shui we can work on perfecting our environment so that it (only) attracts supportive and compatible “life force” energy.

It’s a CONSCIOUS process but as we space clear away the “old and/or toxic” energy –  be it a heartache, grievance, item or World event – we give ourselves permission to live life ABUNDANTLY IN THE NOW.

It is in this state of grace that we feel PEACE OF MIND.

Also, when our environment exudes “beauty, harmony and balance” (good Feng Shui), it helps us to FORGIVE. To forgive others and to forgive ourselves … so that we can move forward in LOVE AND LIFE.



Suzee Miller
Feng Shui Author. Consultant, Educator


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PEACE OF MIND with Feng Shui..!


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