Law and Order in Feng Shui

Law and Order with Feng Shui


“I am facing a lawsuit. Which bagua area of my home or office do I need to correct?”


There is no easy answer to this question, especially since 2004.  In this period of time, lawsuits have increased exponentially in the areas of Marriage/Family, Bankruptcy and Real Estate law. This is due to the MOUNTAIN EARTH or 8 cycle ENERGY present – that demands “truth or consequences” in all human and business relations.

Based on LO SHU FLYING STARS FENG SHUI  – last year (2016) was all about conflict, litigation and law suits.  Sadly, this holds true for this year as well, only we will witness it on a less personal and much larger scale, in general.

THE PEOPLE vs. GOVERNMENT is going to be HUGE in 2017.  People will continue to unite to confront the power brokers, politicians  and dictators of the world.

Transparency and authenticity are at the forefront of global consciousness, as “we the people” refuse to accept –  a lie as the new truth..!

If you find yourself personally involved in litigation, here are few Feng Shui things you can do:

Surround yourself and your antagonist in PINK/LOVE light to diffuse tension and neutralize anger.

Take ownership of your role in the conflict or disagreement and apologize immediately to resolve things amicably.

Stay in BALANCE in your home and office environments by space clearing and Feng Shui’n your environment weekly.

Lift the CHI (ENERGY) in your Fame/Fortune Gua with the color RED to improve your presence and reputation.

Add books on negotiation, spirituality and success in your Knowledge/Spirituality Gua so that you stay centered in TRUTH, and less married to the dictates of your ego.

Enhance the Friendly Relations/Helpful Benefactors Gua so that everyone gets friendlier. Do this with the INTENTION to help the other party see and accept (more freely) your point of view, and YOU – theirs.

Visualize the “highest and most benevolent” outcome for everyone involved.

Honor your 4 POWER DIRECTIONS during sleep, work, depositions, court and negotiations.



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