Holiday PEACE AND JOY with Feng Shui

Eleven and a half months have passed (like lightning) before our eyes. 

It’s been an UNBELIEVABLE year of seen and unseen heartache, trauma, drama, shifts, challenges, hurdles, transitions, transformations and blessings.

Now it’s the time of the year to make MERRY, but statistics tell us that the holiday season is the most difficult time of the year ,, for most people. 

Using our Feng Shui skill and knowledge, how can we get through the season without a lot of lows..?

First, we need to remember that Feng Shui is not just about – moving furniture. It’s the art and science of living life “consciously, mindfully, joyfully and gratefully” ..  in every moment.

To help you accomplish this during the holidays, I recommend NOT blocking out your “sad, hollow, empty, lonely, or lost” feelings. Instead, embrace them – as they too are a part of who you are..

However, this year give them a “healthy boundary” and make sure to tell them how long they are invited to stay..!

Another helpful hint to help keep your body, blood sugar, and emotions in BALANCE, is not to over indulge in starchy foods, sweets, alcohol, drugs, and/or spend more money than is sensible. 


Instead this year, how about looking inside yourself at .. WHAT MAKES YOU HAPPY..?


Here are SEVEN pearls of wisdom to reflect on, if you wish to become a ‘truly’ HAPPY and HEALTHY person .. in all seasons:   (Five of them offered by visionary, Robert Holden)

A Call for JOY:  The courage to live an authentic and creative life.

A Daily CHOICE: Choose happiness – don’t chase after it.

The REAL More: Get clear on the “sacred stuff” of your life.

SHIFT Happens: Give up all hopes for a better past and live happily EVEN after.

Happiness NOW: Use the power of happiness to be a truly loving presence in the world.

Let GOPractice letting go of fear, doubt, and worry on a daily basis, to connect
               with the SOURCE (God) .. for CLARITY in life.

Space CLEAREverything you don’t want to take with you into the New Year!



On behalf of everyone at Feng Shui Paradigms, I want to wish you PEACE AND JOY in your HOME AND HEART – this holiday season,


Suzee Miller

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