Let us not forget that the first step to updating the Feng Shui of your home – every year – is to SPACE CLEAR, DECLUTTER and CLEANSE. For best results, this should be done at least two times a year.

If you haven’t already, February is the perfect month to start giving away or throwing away old, damaged, or unwanted items such as shoes, clothing, furniture, cards, and decor items that either bring your energy down due sad emotions tied to them, or if they no longer bring you JOY.  This includes items inside your car, briefcase, and office too!

LESS IS ALWAYS MORE with Feng Shui.Emoji

It is also important that damaged walls, floors, windows, ceilings and/or water leaks be repaired as soon as possible as these can bring bad luck, loss of wealth and poor health to all occupants.  After doing this – you will want to make sure to “super” clean the windows, carpet, flooring, cabinets, counters, mirrors, and hardware.  A fresh coat of paint at your front door may be overdue as well.  With a critical eye – make turning your work and living space into healthy, safe, and beautiful #Feng Shui environments.  

CHI/QI .. loves space that exudes GRACE, BALANCE and BEAUTY.

Last but not least important – is to remove the INVISIBLE Sha Chi energy.  I’m referring to negative energy that lingers in “time and space” from workmen, visitors, arguments, heartache, fights, sickness, lethargy, depression, anxiety, and/or fear of the unknown.  To do this – I recommend that you use my space-cleansing technique for best results.

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