Feng Shui and HEALTH in 2024

From a Feng Shui perspective. we have to be careful of our health this year. Based on the changing energies, sickness and disease are possible. Here are the weak areas of the body in a WOOD DRAGON year:

  • The stomach, liver, pancreas, cells, and muscles. 
  • Indigestion, diabetes, and even cancer is possible.
  • Headaches, brain bleeds, clots and stroke, nervous system and mental illness.
  • Hair problems, skin cancer, an increase in Parkinson’s and autoimmune diseases.

In addition, the 9 star governs the eyes, hands and heart. 

Given this – for the next 20 years – we need to be MINDFUL of our diet and take good care of our body temple.

In Health and Chi,

Suzee Miller

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