Feng Shui for 2020

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There is still time to order your copy of FENG SHUI Forecast 2020.

Here’s what a couple subscribers have to say about it:

“With all the turmoil forecasted in 2020, I loved your counsel to eliminate all past baggage – physical and personal!  It’s time to move forward with positive and clear energy. Your challenge to practice compassion, express love and be a game changer is thought-provoking. What I like is that you give us a map on how to do it too.

After completing the type of space clearing you talked about this year, I just signed up for a Tony Robbins seminar in March…first time ever, even after showing him property three times a number of years ago.  I learned that regardless of what will be ‘out there’ in the world, I don’t have to engage with the negativity. The positive aspects of 2020 are available to us if like what you say, we take the high road, participating where we can to help mitigate some of the challenges our communities are facing.  I’m excited for this 2020 year and decade ahead!

Thanks for everything, Suzee.  Your Feng Shui philosophy is INSPIRATIONAL!”

Trinkie Watson
Certified Harvard Law School on Negotiation
Certified Luxury Home Marketing Specialist
Certified International Property Specialist
Certified Feng Shui REALTOR

“Another excellent seminar, Suzee!  The interview with Grace was really exceptional!!! We appreciate you and Feng Shui because we have an incredible, peaceful, happy life since doing Feng Shui with you the last 15 years. Thank you. We love you!”

Joanne Tyler
Newport Beach, CA

The energy on the planet is chaotic and scattered this year.

Many people feel as if their life and/or business is moving slow, and the next minute it’s moving so fast that they can’t keep up with it. You can expect energetic swings like this to continue from month to month, if not- from day to day.

Please understand that most people in the world are out of balance, and that their energy can affect you “negatively” .. if you are not in balance.


You will want to listen to the “beginning and ending” of my Feng Shui FORECAST 2020 .. a few times. 

If you stay focused on doing the work that is necessary this year.. opportunity and good fortune will knock on your door. Long story short, without doing the work – you will NOT experience positive change.

Likewise, you will want to take advantage of the “directions and areas” of your home where GREEN stars are located, and reduce the amount of time you spend in the directions and guas areas with RED stars.  If you do this – it will help you maintain balance and attract positive people into your life. ( Refer to LO SHU chart included in the program).

As you will learn in my Feng Shui Forecast this year:


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Suzee Miller

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