Feng Shui and Space Clearing

QUESTION: I moved into a house 10 months ago, and feel like i don’t know where to start or what to do downstairs. I have boxes and clutter and I’mstarting to hate this house because of it. I’m feeling negative about my whole life… I need advice on what to do!

ANSWER: Once you de-clutter your environment, you will start to feel better and begin to regain your center. Try to view this as an opportunity to let go of “things” that no longer nurture, enhance, or enrich your soul and body temple. Start with one box at a time… one day at a time, if you feel overwhelmed.

Space clearing an environment can bring up a lot of emotions… ranging from exhilaration and freedom – to anxiety, anger, stress, tears, and/or fatigue.

Sometimes the emotions we pick up in an environment are not even our own! Thus, it’s important to cleanse everything thoroughly (cabinets, drawers, walls, floors, carpet, window coverings etc.) BEFORE you begin to unpack.

Consciously cleanse away the old. This will allow CHI .. positive life force energy .. to enter your heart and home.

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Suzee Miller

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