What About KNIVES in Feng Shui..?

QUESTION: My wife and I are having a friendly dispute in our kitchen about keeping a nice set of kitchen knives out on the counter. I cook a lot and find it convenient to have them out and always within reach for chopping vegetables etc. She maintains that it is bad Feng Shui and the knives should be put away behind cupboard doors. I argue that our kitchen has been full of good energy and happiness for years and it is much more convenient to have them out on the counter. What would be the opinion of a Feng Shui expert?

ANSWER: From a Feng Shui perspective it is bad Feng Shui to leave knives exposed. However, I’m smiling because in the city home that I used to have – all knives  were put away, and in my mountain home I have them exposed – on the counter. So, I’m probably not the best Feng Shui consultant to ask!

The reason for hiding knives is strictly based on HEALTH and SAFETY. So, if you are a family that is in balance, and you are just having a “friendly disagreement,” and/or you do not live in a high risk (crime) area, then you should be fine with knives on the counter.

HOWEVER, we all have different comfort zones. Thus, I recommend that you HONOR yours when it comes to knives … displayed or hidden..!


Suzee Miller




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