The COMMAND Center in Feng Shui..!

In Feng Shui, the kitchen is the center of command in a house. It should cater to family interactions; therefore, it should be kept clean, fresh, and de-cluttered at all times.

Eliminate dead spaces in the kitchen, such as the area above overhead cabinets to create better lighting. Good lighting is important in the command center of Feng Shui. You will want to make sure kitchen windows and kitchen cabinets are clean to allow light and chi to flow freely. A kitchen that sparkles is full of good Chi.

Usually, only ONE “green” plant is appropriate in a kitchen. The reason for this is that the kitchen is usually over-dominant on the WOOD element due to all the cabinetry. If you like, you can add RED flowers to reduce the wood element as well.

Counter tops should house only items of aesthetic beauty and that are essential to a functional kitchen. I always recommend having “pairs of things” present. It is a metaphor for keeping relations strong and together, especially family relations.  

For example. Two coffee mugs, a salt and pepper, and/or oil and vinegar.
While you are at it – make sure to de-clutter INSIDE kitchen cabinets and drawers so that your life doesn’t get cluttered or stuck.
Also, you will want to polish, wax, or shine the cabinets and drawers in your “command center” annually or by annually. This shows the Universe you are “already” abundant and blessed….so that it can mirror more blessings and abundance back to you!

Words of wisdom from the “command center”...

Suzee Miller

Feng Shui Author. Consultant. Educator

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