The CHINESE New Year

The Chinese New Year is the longest and most important holiday in China – lasting 15 days. It’s similar to Christmas… as it’s a time of gift-giving and feasting with family and friends. Traditionally is a time of house cleaning and saying goodbye to things that no longer serve our highest good and evolution. It’s the perfect time to welcome in a new year of PROSPERITY, HEALTH, HAPPINESS and GOOD FORTUNE as well. Here are a few “traditional” things (several) Asian cultures do prior to and during the celebration days:

  • Space clear and clean the house of sorrows, failures and defeats of the prior year by washing windows, carpets, cupboards and floors.
  • Pay off debts.
  • Resolve differences with neighbors, relatives, family members, friends, and business associates.
  • Prepare ‘special” holiday dishes for New Years Eve and New Years Day.    
  • Decorate the home with “live” flowering plants to symbolize growth and rebirth.
  • Display oranges and tangerines to symbolize abundant happiness.
  • Add candy & dried fruit to welcome in a “sweet” year.
  • Gather with family for a traditional meal of fish and dumplings
  • Enjoy treats and games with the family. 
  • Pay respect to elders & ancestors.
  • Open doors and windows at midnight to LET GO of the past.
  • Set off firecrackers to welcome in a New Year!
  • The Chinese believe that events that occur on New Years Day impact the rest of the year, so be mindful of your words, actions and deeds.
  • Wear new clothes and the color RED for a bright future.
  • Greet & bless relatives, neighbors, and friends.
  • Gift money and poems to children and unmarried people for good luck.

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