STAIRS in Feng Shui

STAIRS in Feng Shui

 QUESTION: May I know from you, how many rungs I should install/construct in my staircase to give me good result based on Feng Shui?

ANSWER: It depends on whether your staircase is straight, broken, curved, circular, angled, and whether or not its primary use is “up or down.” It also depends on how “high” your ceilings are or will be. In general, we like to see an ODD number of stairs. However, the location and shape of a staircase within a structure is “more important” than the actual number of stairs.


Here are a few TIPS regarding stairs:

Stairways carry CHI (energy) up and down.

Stairs with open risers (no backing) lose energy and are considered potentially dangerous.

An entrance that opens directly into a staircase creates a poison arrow of fast moving energy. The Chinese believe that stairs located in this position will affect one’s health and wealth negatively, and 9 out of 10 times it does!

Whenever possible, it’s wise to turn the bottom three stairs away from the straight line of the staircase – to slow down a poison arrow. This prevents downward moving chi from racing out the door or throughout the house.

DO NOT place a mirror at the top or bottom landing of a staircase. It exaggerates poison arrow chi, even more.

Staircases that (gradually) curve are considered the best kind, as chi likes to meander.

Spiral metal staircases, resembling corkscrews boring into the house (or earth), are considered ‘digging a grave’ and should be avoided. There are a few exceptions to this when it comes to LO SHU FLYING STARS Feng Shui.

Staircases located in the heart of a home or building are considered ‘bad’ Feng Shui.

However, if the LO SHU STARS located in the center of a home are good stars – a staircase located in the heart of a house or building like this – becomes a BENEFIT! It is believed to carry blessings, abundance, and good fortune all the way to heaven.

Likewise, the opposite is true.  Chaotic stars and a staircase located in the heart of a building  – is considered ‘double jeopardy.’ Fortunately, only 3 patterns (or combination) of stars fall into this category, in Lo Shu Flying Stars Feng Shui.

Trust your gut.  If a staircase feels ominous, it IS.


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