SLEEP Like a Baby with .. Feng Shui

SLEEP Like a Baby with .. Feng Shui

QUESTION: I am searching for a remedy to correct the position of head placement while sleeping to no avail. I am a west group person, and my head faces east while sleeping. I have no other bed arrangements for my room to correct this. Are there any remedies for this? I would appreciate any help or tip you can give so I get some much needed SLEEP.

ANSWER: Given that you cannot move your bed to another wall, a simple solution to your “particular” situation is to sleep at the opposite end of the bed at night, which would be West! However, it’s advisable to place an Asian screen, room divider and/or a pillow behind your head to protect you while you sleep, if you are exposed to a lot of open space.

The human body is like a compass that is constantly trying to align with compatible energy in the Universe. Based on an ancient math calculation, each human being has 4 “Empowering” and 4 “Depleting” ENERGY directions. When we honor our best directions at work, at play, at study, and during sleep – our body is able to rest and re-vitalize itself.

BTW, an added benefit of sleeping in one of your best directions is that you can actually start to…

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