GEMS of Cuba remind us of Feng Shui

One of the GEMS of Cuba..!

Considered by many experts to be the most beautiful land SNAIL on the planet, the Polymita’s quality lies in its unique polychrome shells. The very name of these snails describes this special and distinctive feature. The word polymita is formed from two Greek roots—“poly” which means “many” and “mitos” which means “thread or stripes.”

The beautiful, perfect lines come in many colors, except BLUE.

Legend has it that a beautiful Indian girl was loved by an Indian cacique or chief and in order to win her love and not having pearls or diamonds to give her, he set out one day to capture the yellow of the sun, the green of the meadows, the brown of the mountains, the pink of flowers, the white foam – crest on waves,,,,but night caught him unaware and he was not able to capture the blue of the sky. So he secured the night with the color BLACK.

The Indian Chief used the FIVE ELEMENTS found in NATURE..!



In Feng Shui, black is the transcendental color for the element WATER. An over dominance of this element in an environment can cause sickness, lethargy and depression.  The most important consideration when working with the FIVE elements is to keep them “visually” in balance, in every room.  You certainly can’t go wrong if you model environments after POLYMITAS snails.  Check them out on Google!  They are EQUISITE, in a simplistic, spiritual and Feng Shui way.



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