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“Hope you are doing well.  Got a quick question about windows.

We have many big windows and French doors and main door that are not tinted right now.  We were thinking about tinting them with mirror like tinting so people can’t see though.  We were concerned if this was bad Feng Shui since it almost works as mirrors for all windows in the front of the house.  Or do you recommend doing just light dark tint for the front of the house windows?  Let us know what you think! THANK YOU!”


There is a popular school of Feng Shui that uses a LOT OF MIRRORS.

I believe that a mirror is a useful remedy if you sit with your back to a door, or if a jagged edge, cliff, rock, corner of a building, eve or street is aimed at you.  If not, I find them more harmful than helpful, as they reflect Chi OUT, not in.  

In other words, I use them for a REMEDY, not as an enhancement.
(BTW, the school above believes the opposite of this to be true!)

Windows are the EYES of our home.

From this perspective, we want to let as much YANG energy into our homes as possible. Darker tint is okay on YIN rooms .. like bedrooms, or where too much light comes into a room – the greater part of the day. Lighter tint on windows is advisable on family areas of a home.

In my book, a silver or “mirrored-like” tint on a front door that is exposed to a fast moving pathway of ENERGY ( a poison arrow) is GOOD  Feng Shui.  However, it’s important that you follow whatever school of Feng Shui resonates with you best, and that you honor what “intuitively” feels right and comfortable to you.


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