Feng Shui Forecast for January 2024..!

The first month of the year is “promising” as the 4 Star remains the annual star until February.  This star when combined with the monthly “lucky” – STAR “6” – forms a powerful sum of “10.” 

This means that all the occupants in your home have heaven’s support. It is also a great time to complete things you did not finish in 2023. as January may turn out to be the best month of the year in 2024..!

So, put as many of your goals and plans into MOTION this month as it’s a LUCKY month to set the stage for blessings and good fortune to happen in your life and career.

This month:

  • The luckiest areas of your home are SOUTH, EAST, the CENTRE, and WEST guas.
  • SE, SW, NW and NORTH need remedies.
  • The areas of the matriarch (SW)and patriarch (NW) are severely afflicted. You will want to avoid spending a lot of time in these two areas of your home in January.
  • The NE gua area brings long-term prosperity luck, but you will want to watch out for betrayals and negative energy (people and places).


Suzee Miller

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