2016 Feng Shui Forecast


2016 is the Chinese year of the YANG – FIRE MONKEY.


In terms of Feng Shui – the important question is:

Is this year going to be as bad as everyone is saying it’s going to be..?

With dozens of new “energy portals” opening up – this is one year you are going to want to make sure to IMPROVE, MAINTAIN and PROTECT your Health.



If you are sensitive, you probably have already started to feel powerful shifts in relationships, business, real estate, finances and/or in your health. For some folks, this started as early as September and October of last year.

Whether you have felt the energy shifts or not – is less important than knowing what to do to PROTECT your health, home and career in 2016, as more and more shifts start to occur.

The “unprecedented energy that lies ahead,” is fierce and relentless  ..  unless you and your living space are in BALANCE.

Due to SOLAR energy moving “rapidly fast,” we are starting earlier this year to insure that you and your loved ones have a HEALTHY AND PROSPEROUS year ahead..

Now you can PRE-ORDER Feng Shui FORECAST 2016 to insure Peace, Harmonious Relations, Health, Wealth and Peach Blossom – LOVE.


PRE -ORDER Feng Shui FORECAST 2016 and save – $25.00 dollars at checkout.

This is our New Year’s gift to you so that you can…


LIVE, LOVE and PROSPER in 2016,

Suzee Miller

NOTE: This famous audio program will arrive in your inbox on FEBRUARY 4, 2016 – so mark your calendar now!!

P.S. If you haven’t listened to your personal Feng Shui Element yet – I highly recommend doing so, before listening to FENG SHUI FORECAST 2016 so that you that you can get the most out of this unique forecast program.

Click here to order and listen to your Feng Shui Element now.  OR, if you already have your Feng Shui element – make sure to listen to it again, before the Chinese New Year.


FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY – THRU MIDNIGHT FEBRUARY 3, 2016, order Feng Shui Forecast 2016 and SAVE – $25.00 at check-out.




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